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LEGO Batman 3 - Jenseits von Gotham: Trophäen/Erfolge

  XBOX 360 Xbox one 

A Blue Hope (20 GP)
Complete Level 10 - A Blue Hope.

All the Rage (20 GP)
Complete Level 12 - All the Rage.

An Unearthly Likeness (20 GP)
Play as Batman (Zur-En-Arrh).

Aw-Qward Situation (20 GP)
Complete Level 14 - Aw-Qward Situation.

Bane and Gain (20 GP)
Transform Bane into Bane (Venom-Powered).

Bat's all, folks (70 GP)
Witness the 100% LEGO Stud Fountain.

Beings from the 5th Dimension (20 GP)
Set both Free Play characters as Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Big Trouble in Little Gotham (20 GP)
Complete Level 8 - Big Trouble in Little Gotham.

Breaking BATS! (20 GP)
Complete Level 2 - Breaking BATS!

Breaking the Ice (20 GP)
Complete Level 15 - Breaking the Ice.

Doughnut Discoverer (20 GP)
Find and destroy a hidden doughnut on a hub planet.

Europe Against It (20 GP)
Complete Level 7 - Europe Against It.

Everyone Loves Bouncing (20 GP)
Jump on bouncy objects 50 times.

Glide on Time (30 GP)
Glide continuously for 10 seconds.

Hard Traveling Heroes (20 GP)
Set both Free Play characters as Green Arrow and Green Lantern.

Hey Diddle Diddle (30 GP)
Find a gang of jumping cows on the Moon.

Intruder alert! Intruder alert! (20 GP)
Play as The Riddler in the Batcave Trophy Room.

Jailhouse Nok (20 GP)
Complete Level 11 - Jailhouse Nok.

Loontern's Space Race (20 GP)
Complete any hub race as Green Loontern.

Mirror... MIRROR! (30 GP)
Create a custom character.

Need for Greed (20 GP)
Complete Level 13 - Need for Greed.

New Queens of Crime (20 GP)
Set both Free Play characters as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

Nok Nok! (20 GP)
Knock out your buddy on the planet Nok.

Now THAT'S impressive! (20 GP)
Find and destroy a hidden Riddler Trophy.

One Giant Leap for (Bat)Man-kind (50 GP)
Visit all of the HUB Lantern Planets.

One Small Step for (Bat)Man... (20 GP)
Visit the Moon Base in the Hub.

Power of Love (20 GP)
Complete Level 9 - Power of Love.

Pursuers in the Sewers (20 GP)
Complete Level 1 - Pursuers in the Sewers.

Transform from Billy Batson into Shazam!

Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel! (50 GP)
Complete Bonus Level - Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel!

Space Station Infestation (20 GP)
Complete Level 4 - Space Station Infestation.

Space suits you, Sir! (20 GP)
Complete Level 3 - Space suits you, Sir!

Super Buddies (20 GP)
Set both Free Play characters as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

Super Pets (20 GP)
Set both Free Play characters as Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto.

The Big Grapple (20 GP)
Complete Level 5 - The Big Grapple.

The Bright Knight (40 GP)
Play as Adam West.

The Green Room (30 GP)
Find the hidden celebrity party.

The Lantern Menace (20 GP)
Complete Level 6 - The Lantern Menace.

True Hero (20 GP)
Attain True Hero status in any level.

Under the Red Brick (50 GP)
Turn on all Red Brick Extras at the same time.

LEGO Batman 3 - Jenseits von Gotham

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