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Minecraft: Trophäen/Erfolge

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Acquire Hardware ( 15 GP)
Smelt an iron ingot.

Bake Bread ( 20 GP)
Turn wheat into bread.

Benchmarking ( 10 GP)
Craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.

Cow Tipper ( 15 GP)
Harvest some leather.

Delicious Fish ( 15 GP)
Catch and cook a fish!

Dispense With This ( 20 GP)
Construct a Dispenser.

Getting Wood ( 10 GP)
Punch a tree until the block of wood pops out.

Getting an Upgrade ( 15 GP)
Construct a better pickaxe.

Hot Topic ( 15 GP)
Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks.

Into The Nether ( 40 GP)
Construct a Nether Portal.

Leader Of The Pack ( 30 GP)
Befriend five wolves.

MOAR Tools ( 15 GP)
Construct one type of each tool (one pickaxe, one spade, one axe and one hoe).

Monster Hunter ( 20 GP)
Attack and destroy a monster.

On A Rail ( 40 GP)
Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started.

Taking Inventory ( 10 GP)
Open your inventory.

The Lie ( 40 GP)
Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!

Time to Farm! ( 10 GP)
Use planks and sticks to make a hoe.

Time to Mine! ( 10 GP)
Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe.

Time to Strike! ( 10 GP)
Use planks and sticks to make a sword.

When Pigs Fly ( 40 GP)
Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it.



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