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Take On Helicopters: Komplettlösung/Walkthrough

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Der englischsprachige Walkthrough zum Spiel gibt euch die entscheidenden Hinweise, um in den einzelnen Missionen voranzukommen.

00: The Gathering Storm

Overview: You fly with your brother as a copilot.

Walkthrough: The mission starts with you already inside a medium helicopter. You fly with your brother, Joe, on a pleasure flight as copilot. Look around and enjoy the cockpit, the sounds, and Downtown Seattle as you approach from the south west. After a while, your brother will give you control over the helicopter. You can try to fly a bit, but remember that sudden banking or turning will result in your brother taking over controls again. Watch out! It's still possible to crash, but your brother will try to save you if you're not yet too confident with the controls. You'll fly to the downtown area and Joe takes the controls back. After a while, Joe will again ask you to do some turns. There's your second chance to try some flying! Complete a steady bank back out to the water, if you feel you can handle it. Suddenly you'll hear a distress call from vessel Xiamijn - a cargo ship in trouble. Joe lands at your heliport - Highland Park - and flies off to help. Notice the engine failure of his helicopter. The scenario ends here but the story is only the beginning.

01: The Brothers Larkin

Overview: Tom and Joe Larkin are going to their helipad by car.

Walkthrough: You are going to your heliport with your brother Joe. The radio announcer is speaking about recent problems with a cargo ship. During the car ride you can try out several interactions such as: window roll down, open glove box,change radio station, etc. Once you get to the heliport, you are presented to the rest of the team. Kelly - security manager, and Craymer - mechanic. After a short conversation you're free to walk around, see your helicopters or even fix them manually. This can be achieved by walking to the helicopter and pressing left alt (by default) to see all the possible problems. Look at the specific part of the helicopter or press LMB to manually inspect a problem and fix it. What's more, you can talk to other employees in the company. Later on, they can give you missions and side-contacts. If you press escape this will bring up the heliport pause menu. Click on 'heliport' to bring up the heliport menu itself. There's a few options here, which are basically short cuts, if you don't want to access these features in the 3D world! You can buy and sell helicopters and parts as well as different liveries for them. Some later missions have specific requirements on the helicopters like doors, FLIR, winching system etc. "Contracts" will display a list of all the available scenarios, and the previous ones that you've played. 'Personal' gives you access to an instant messaging history, which helps give more sense of depth to the characters and what's going on! If you are new to flying with helicopters, you can start a tutorial. Try to use the radio in your brother's office. This will give you the opportunity to try the tutorials. If you want to start the next mission, go and talk to your brother!

Take On Helicopters

02: The Rising Tide

Overview: Tom Larkin shows Mr. Haydon a helicopter for sale.

Walkthrough: You start outside a medium helicopter. After the introductions have been made, walk to the left side of the helicopter and choose to get in as a pilot. Wait for your passengers to board, start the engines and take off. You will hear some conversations with Mr. Haydon. Fly towards the villa marked with a waypoint. After flying for a while, Mr. Haydon will ask you to deviate from the course and fly over his yacht. Fly low over the yacht, and return back on course to the previous waypoint. In a while, you'll see a coastal compound. Land there and be sure to turn off your engines. Get out of the helicopter, speak with Mr Haydon, and leave the compound to end the mission! You can experience this mission after you've finished the Rising Tide. After the mission, you'll hear Joe talking about the military, and will be prompted to select whether to 'go on' or talk later. If you'd like to play a mission in South Asia, choose the option to continue. You can access this mission (and other 'memory missions', by clicking on objects in the 3d world - the medicine bottle, the headphones, and the glowsticks (which look a little like ammunition) on Joe's desk. These scenarios are optional, and get more difficult quite quickly, so if you're less confident with the helicopter, you might want to come back to these later!

Memory 01: Operation Longbow

Overview: Tom is experiencing his brother's memory from his time in the army.

Walkthrough: You're now playing as Joe Larkin in the South Asia terrain. Start your engines and wait for clearance to take off. Then fly to the first waypoint. You might want to deviate from your course to see the mountains or so. This is a long and straightforward flight so just follow the waypoints and enjoy the ambient life on the ground beneath you. After you reach the first waypoint you will be soon tasked to go higher to see the city. After a short flyby over the city you start to return, after a few kilometers, the memory is over and you're returned to the present day in your heliport. Here, you can choose to continue with the story, take a free-flight around Seattle, or try your hand at some more training missions.

03: The Cove

Overview: Tom Larkin is going to film whale herds in Puget Sound.

Walkthrough: Start your engines and slowly ascend to a stable height. Fly towards the waypoint where a small boat is waiting for you. Slow down and follow the boat to the first herd. Don't forget to stay within 300m of the boat otherwiseyou may fail the mission. Once you get to the first herd start filming it. Filming herd: Turn your helicopter so the right side points towards the herd (think of it like pointing your camera man towards the whales!). If you have Picture in Picture (PiP) enabled (in the video settings), you can see the whales on a small screen in the helicopter. You can enhance the screen by clicking on it. Maintain right side facing the herd for several moments and in a while you will receive a conversation notice that it's enough. Now your task is to spot and film whales. Proceed north and after a while you will be notified as to the location of the whales. Quickly look at the map (where the approximate location of the spotted whales can be found!) and choose one of the locations. Fly to that location. It is likely that the herd will be at a slightly different location (because it's moving!). Fly around the marked location to find the herd and film it as before. Repeat it again for the last herd. After the last herd is filmed you will fly back to your heliport. On your flight, you might encounter a couple of extra tasks, like saving a whale from being beached, or identifying a boat in trouble, but these are designed for more advancing pilots! You can Take On this mission after completing The Cove. After the mission, you'll hear Joe talking about the military, and will be prompted to select whether to 'go on' or talk later. If you'd like to play a mission in South Asia, choose the option to continue.

Memory 02: Operation Arrowhead

Overview: Tom is experiencing Operation Arrowhead.

Walkthrough: Your helicopter is near another friendly helicopter. Fly over to it, stopping a little behind it to initiate a formation flight. Formation flight is hard to do but is explained in more detail in a later story mission, 'The Shadow of the Blade'. Remember this scenario is optional, and you can come back to it if you prefer! Once you finish the formation flight you will hear your friend radioing out a distress call. Track the stricken helicopter to see the crash site. Then provide cover or help the guys on the ground by landing and taking care of them personally. Or you might want to undertake some shooting action by flying to the estimated location of the rebels and firing on them with hydra rockets. After a 'fall back' call, return to your base.

04: The Deal

Overview: Tom Larkin is taking Mr. Haydon on a tour of some golf courses.

Walkthrough: You begin at your heliport. Start your engines and fly to the tasked waypoint. Land and turn off your engines. Get out and go talk to Mr. Haydon. Once done, move to the other 'luxury' helicopter. Get in and start its engines. Fly to the first golf course and 'show' it to your client. This is done by flying with the left side facing towards the place you are showing (just like filming the whale herd). After a while you'll receive a conversation notice about going to the next course. Always fly to the waypoint and show the course to the client. You will show about 6 courses. Return back to Mr. Haydon's helipad, and the mission will end. You can Take On this mission after completing The Deal. After the mission, you'll hear Joe talking about the military, and will be prompted to select whether to 'go on' or talk later. If you'd like to play a mission in South Asia, choose the option to continue.

Memory 03: Shot Down

Overview: Tom is experiencing his brother's memories on being shot down.

Walkthrough: Start your engines and fly to the first waypoint. Fly at medium height, about 250m over the waypoint to drop leaflets. Turn to the second waypoint and drop leaflets there. The last waypoint
is somewhere further away, but after flying for a while your main rotor will be damaged by enemy fire, and you'll have to autorotate. Again, this can be a difficult procedure, so player's that aren't confident can elect to skip this mission and play the tutorial, or a later story mission to learn first. After you safely autorotate to the ground, get to cover and fight for your life. A small chopper will come to help in a while. Meanwhile, get yourself to the pickup point. Try to move from cover to cover. You don't have to engage any enemies, just survive until the relief comes and get transported back.

05: The Burn Card

Overview: Tom Larkin transports Mr. Haydon from a skyscraper to the airport.

Walkthrough: Start the engines and quickly take off. Mr. Haydon is waiting for you on the top of the roof. Fly to the waypoint but keep a very high altitude or move away from the naval vessels sailing near the downtown area. Safely land on the skyscraper. Mr. Haydon will hop in and you are tasked to get him to the private helipad. Fly to the waypoint and keep the helicopter steady. Your client is trying to go over his notes and if you mess with him a lot you can easily fail the mission. Rush steadily to the private helipad and land carefully. Mr. Haydon will thank you and inform you that you'll be transporting a business manager for your company. Her name's Michelle Carmichael. Fly her back to your company's helipad. Once there, you will have to wait for another helicopter to take off. You can hover or circle around but don't get too close to the helicopter or you may disturb the take off. Once your landing route is clear - land.

Take On Helicopters

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