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Skylanders - Swap Force: Trophäen/Erfolge

  Playstation 3 


Skylanders - Swap Force

Woods Wetted
Complete Fantasm Forest on any difficulty.

Blizzard Bailout
Complete Frostfest Mountains on any difficulty.

Light the fireworks in Woodburrow.

Cold Caravan
Complete Boney Islands on any difficulty.

Glumshanks De-Evilized
Complete Jungle Rumble on any difficulty.

Golem Graveyard
Defeat 10 Golems.

High Roller
Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Score Mode levels.

Kalamity Averted
Complete Motherly Mayhem on any difficulty.

Kaos Quashed
Complete Cloudbreak Core on any difficulty.

Kastle Krashed
Complete Kaos' Fortress on any difficulty.

Complete Iron Jaw Gulch on any difficulty.

Mad Dash
Earn a 3-star rating in any Time Attack level.

New Challenger
Complete your first Bonus Mission level.

New Law in Town
Complete Motleyville on any difficulty.

Use the signpost in Woodburrow to see the Message of the Day (online only).

Perch Plunge
Dive off the Tree in Woodburrow.

Puppet Master Pounded
Complete Mesmeralda's Show on any difficulty.

Race to the Finish
Complete your first Time Attack level.

Racking Up the Points
Earn a 3-star rating in any Score Mode level.

Reach for the Sky
Complete your first Score Mode level.

Ruins Romped
Complete Rampant Ruins on any difficulty.

Slings and Arrows
Complete your first Team Survival Arena level.

Snowball Fight!
Complete Winter Keep on any difficulty.

Speed Demon
Earn a 3-star rating in 3 Time Attack levels.

Squid Squabble
Complete Twisty Tunnels on any difficulty.

Swamp Secured
Complete Mudwater Hollow on any difficulty.

Up and Coming
Earn a 3-star rating in any Bonus Mission level.

Vexed Viper
Complete Serpent's Peak on any difficulty.

Welcome To Woodburrow
Complete Mount Cloudbreak on any difficulty.

Skylanders - Swap Force

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