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Alien - Isolation: Trophäen/Erfolge

  Xbox one 

Awake (10 GP)
Completed "Closing the Book"

Welcome to Sevastopol (10 GP)
Completed "Welcome to Sevastopol"

A Hunt Begins (10 GP)
Completed "Encounters"

You Shouldn't Be There. (10 GP)
Completed "Seegson Communications"

How Do You Feel? (10 GP)
Completed "The Quarantine"

Caught in the Trap (10 GP)
Completed "The Outbreak"

An Outpost of Progress (10 GP)
Completed "Seegson Synthetics"

Shock to the System (10 GP)
Used the stun baton

Bait (10 GP)
Completed "The Trap"

Hazard Containment (10 GP)
Completed "Hazard Containment"

A Synthetic Solution (10 GP)
Completed "A Synthetic Solution"

Consultation (10 GP)
Completed "Consultation"

Survivor (100 GP)
Completed the game on the hardest difficulty setting

Ripley, Signing Off (50 GP)
Completed the game on any difficulty setting

The Missing (10 GP)
Collected an ID tag

The Taken (40 GP)
Collected all ID tags

Archivist (40 GP)
Collected all Nostromo logs

Light 'em Up (10 GP)
Used the flamethrower

Just out of Reach (40 GP)
Contacted your team and escaped Comms without being attacked by an android

Alien - Isolation

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