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Crimson Dragon: Trophäen/Erfolge

  Xbox one 

Bomber (10 GP)
Defeated 10 or more enemies with one action skill.

Dragon Breeder (20 GP)
One of your dragons learned 30 skills.

Dragon Slayer (20 GP)
Defeated White Phantom and got the White Phantom Core.

Eureka! (10 GP)
Your dragon learned a new skill for the first time.

First Contact (20 GP)
Completed a mission with an unknown player.

Freshman Researcher (10 GP)
Destroyed the Vespin hive during training.

Genius Pilot (20 GP)
Recovered a total of 500 markers.

Insect Killer (20 GP)
Defeated Baobab-O and got the Baobab-O Core.

Iron Defenses (20 GP)
Erased more than 20 enemy bullets in a mission.

Labyrinth Runner (20 GP)
Defeated Eel-K and got the Eel-K Capacitor Organ.

Mission Accomplished (30 GP)
Completed every mission.

New Partner (20 GP)
You got the second dragon.

Newbie Helper (10 GP)
Completed a mission with a player who had not completed that mission.

One Step Towards Veteran (10 GP)
Got a Rank S for one of the missions.

Perfect Harmony (20 GP)
Achieved a 100% kill rate in co-op mode.

Seeker of Truth (30 GP)
Obtained the Extas Bullet skill.

The Undertaker (20 GP)
Defeated Megazondaat-G and got the Megazondaat-G Spinal Cords.

Ultimate Priest (30 GP)
Healed allies 20 times total in co-op mode.

William Tell (20 GP)
Defeated Caiman-E and got the Caiman-E Oscillator.

Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon

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