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Defiance: Trophäen/Erfolge

  XBOX 360 

Legend of Defiance ( 70 GP )
Your reputation is sure to spread far beyond the borders of Paradise; Defiance!

Holy Shtako! ( 15 GP )
New Freedom has crashed, you've made a few new friends and one of them lives inside your head

Skruggin' Ark Core ( 15 GP )
Von Bach is alive, he has an Ark Core, and Cass is not happy about it

Wrong Hands ( 15 GP )
Cooper and Ara are good people and you'll need them now that Dark Matter has the Matrix

That Hagisi Lied ( 15 GP )
Rosa had revenge and is grateful for the help, but the Matrix is still missing, no thanks to Varus

Everyone Will Die ( 15 GP )
Torc's a badass, but so's Nim, as Von Bach learned too late; It'll take everyone to bring Nim down

Who... Are You? ( 15 GP )
Nim is dead, again, and the secrets of Defiance will remain; If only Karl could see you now

Overdosing ( 15 GP )
Piercer needed an intervention

Broom Closet ( 15 GP )
Varus killed a monster

Save Your Ganchis ( 15 GP )
That darn Varus

Call Me Psycho ( 15 GP )
Poor Peter Nardone

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! ( 15 GP )
Wait... Motherlode is a dude?

Not Bad at All ( 15 GP )
You can't destroy energy

Super Excited ( 15 GP )
Now... which core was that again?

Individual Pursuit ( 15 GP )
You completed your first pursuit in the Bay Area

Hot Pursuit ( 15 GP )
You completed 5 pursuits in the Bay Area

Pursuit of Happiness ( 15 GP )
You completed 10 pursuits in the Bay Area

High Speed Pursuit ( 15 GP )
You completed 15 pursuits in the Bay Area

Pursuit of Excellence ( 15 GP )
You completed 20 pursuits in the Bay Area

Executive Wash Room ( 15 GP )
On the cutting edge, Von Bach Industries is one of the few corporations with truly global reach

Private Booth ( 15 GP )
While the gulanite boom put it on the map, Soleptor Enterprises has its fingers in many pies


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