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Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams: Trophäen/Erfolge

  XBOX 360 

Dream Twist (10 GP)
Unlock the power to warp your dreams.

Beattime Story (20 GP)
Defeat Hansel and Gretel

Unconscious Subconscious (40 GP)
Defeat Octor Freud

Fiery Awakening (60 GP)
Defeat Gurglewocky

Ruby-Red Pirouette (10 GP)
Collect a red gem while twirling

Flurry of Feathers (10 GP)
Jump or dash onto three owls without touching the ground

Topsy-Turvy Trampoline (10 GP)
Use a spiky box like a trampoline

Brilliant! (60 GP)
Obtain five stars in all levels

Hardcore (40 GP)
Unlock Hardcore Mode

Hardercore (60 GP)
Unlock Über Hardcore Mode (1)

Microsleeper (40 GP)
Obtain a trophy in all Time Attack levels

Hypnotist (40 GP)
Obtain a trophy in all Score Attack levels

Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams

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