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Rayman Legends: Trophäen/Erfolge

  XBOX 360 

A true champion (30 GP)
Win a Gold cup at the end of a Challenge.

Axe skater (10 GP)
With Barbara or Elysia, slide on your axe on 30 meters.

Bad joke (10 GP)

Destroy the parachutes of 5 enemies to make them fall.

Barbara's Free! (10 GP)
Free The Barbarian princess.

Bouncing Island (10 GP)
Get all the lums flying above the bouncing island.

Bronze Addict (20 GP)
Win all the Bronze Cups from the paintings.

Challenger! (20 GP)
Unlock all the Challenge paintings.

Diamond Addict (50 GP)
Win all the Diamond Cups from the World paintings.

Dragon Rider! (10 GP)
Complete the "Dragon's Slayer" painting.

Everywhere! (10 GP)
Take part at least once in the 4 different Challenges.

First steps (10 GP)
Win a Bronze cup at the end of a Challenge.

Gardener (10 GP)
Pull 100 turnips out of the ground.

Gold Addict (40 GP)
Win all the Gold Cups from the paintings.

I just love them! (30 GP)
Win all the creatures.

I'm ahead! (10 GP)
Beat one of your friend's score in a Challenge!

Invaders! (20 GP)
Make all the Invasion paintings appear.

Journey to the moon (40 GP)
Get rid of the five Dark Teensies.

Just kick it! (10 GP)
Win one Kung Foot game!

Let him do the job (10 GP)
While the Luchador chases you, let him kill 10 enemies.

Lucky! (10 GP)
Scratch 10 lucky tickets.

Mad world! (10 GP)
Complete the "Mariachi Madness" painting.

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