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State of Decay: Trophäen/Erfolge

  XBOX 360 

Arrested Developments (10 GP)
Saw things through at the courthouse.

Badass (30 GP)
Completed 50 missions or activities with the same character.

Cannibal Family Picnic (5 GP)
Got to the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station.

Come and Knock On Our Door (10 GP)
Convinced another enclave to join your community.

Double Dead (15 GP)
Performed a hand to hand double kill special attack.

Everywhere You Look (20 GP)
Got 15 people in your community.

Get Outta My Dreams (10 GP)
Killed one of each freak zombie type with your car.

Get Yo' Freak On (10 GP)
Killed one of each freak zombie type.
State of Decay

Gotta Enjoy the Little Things (10 GP)
Used a car door to kill a zombie.

Gun Thugs (10 GP)
Helped the Wilkersons resolve their differences.

Holy Rolling (10 GP)
Escaped Mt. Tanner and found the survivors at the church.

Home Improvement (10 GP)
Built a facility.

Home on the Grange (10 GP)
Played matchmaker for Quentin and Becca.

Horde Hoard (20 GP)
Destroyed 10 hordes in one day.

I Can See My House From Here (10 GP)
Completed a survey activity.

State of Decay

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