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Sunset Overdrive: Trophäen/Erfolge

  Xbox one 

Orange Soda
5,000 OD'd Massacred (15 GP)

Complete an optional Night Defense without losing any of your Overcharge (10 GP)

The Floor is Lava
Chain together 100 traversal moves without stopping or touching the ground (10 GP)

Stylish Kills
Kill 500 enemies while at Style Level 3 (5 GP)

Let Me Count the Ways
Burn, Shock, Freeze, or Enrage 1000 enemies (5 GP)

Upgrade one of your guns to Level 5 (10 GP)

Many Favorites
Upgrade 10 guns to Level 5 (30 GP)

I Like Them All
Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5 (30 GP)

Amped Up
Equip five AMPs on your character at the same time (10 GP)

Over Amped
Earn an Amp upgrade in Chaos Squad (5 GP)

Earn a badge (20 GP)

Who is Sending These?
Loot 25 emergency supply drops (10 GP)

Can't Commit
Equip one piece of clothing from each Faction at the same time (5 GP)

The 0.1%
Spend at least 25,000 Overcharge (10 GP)

You earned an achievement (10 GP)

Watch the credits all the way through (5 GP)

Oh the Horror!
Survive Horror Night (30 GP)

Dusk Til Dawn
Survive one night at your Fort (30 GP)

Buck National
Become a reality TV star (20 GP)

Plan B
Survive the glider crash and look for another way out of Sunset City (35 GP)

That Balloon
You killed a balloon (20 GP)

Scout's Honor
Become an honorary Troop Member by finding Bryllcream and defeating Norton (35 GP)

Ultra Mega Kill
That was a lot of pigeons (20 GP)

Save Everyone
Save Sunset City from Fizzco's secondmost powerful robot (35 GP)

You forged the mythical Excalamune (20 GP)

This is My City Now
You beat the final Fizzco corporate machine (50 GP)

Not So Secret Ingredient
Get to the bottom of Fizzco's corporate secrets (25 GP)

Roleplay While Roleplaying
Reach Level 99 in Ignatius' epic RPG campaign (10 GP)

Vat Pack Rat
Upgrade the Overcharge vats at every Fort (20 GP)

Ultimate Collection
Liberate all the comic books for the comic book collector (20 GP)

Defender of the Realm
Clear Fargarthia of a hidden evil (20 GP)

Take back Sunset City for the misfit survivors (20 GP)

Equal Opportunity
Complete a quest from every faction (15 GP)

Sunset Overdrive

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