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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Aus den Schatten: Trophäen/Erfolge

  XBOX 360 

All For One (5 GP)
Perform a team attack 50 times.

Black and Blue Dragons (10 GP)
Complete Chapter 1.

Chuck it Out! (5 GP)
KO 100 enemies with Mikey.

Classic Mode (5 GP)
Unlock Classic Mode.

Do Not Pass Bo (5 GP)
KO 100 enemies with Don.

Done and Done (5 GP)
Perform a double counter 25 times.

Epic Combo (10 GP)
Perform 12 attack variations in one combo.

Extra Anchovies (40 GP)
Complete round 20 in Survival Mode.

Hero in a Half Shell (40 GP)
Complete all challenges.

I Got Moves (10 GP)
Special taunt 100 times with Mikey.

Lean, Green, Fighting Machine (10 GP)
Max out Leo's special weapon rank.

Mad Skillz (5 GP)
Perform a special counter 25 times

Maxin' Out! (10 GP)
Max out Mikey's special weapon rank.

Mouser Mayhem (10 GP)
Complete Chapter 2.

Ninjutsu Power (10 GP)
Perform a stealth KO 25 times.

Old School (40 GP)
Complete the Arcade Mode.

Sai-onara (5 GP)
KO 100 enemies with Raph.

Shell Shock (10 GP)
Perform a Shell Shock 100 times.

Shell Yeah! (5 GP)
Perform a 4 turtle TPKO.

Shredhead (40 GP)
Complete Chapter 4.

Splinter Is Proud (40 GP)
Perform a 99-hit combo.

Stickin it to 'em (5 GP)
KO 25 enemies with a Special Attack.

Stinking Foot (10 GP)
Complete Chapter 3.

Strong Kata (10 GP)
Hit 25 enemies with Don's special pose attack.

Teched Out (10 GP)
Max out Don's special weapon rank.

The Sword is Mightier (5 GP)
KO 100 enemies with Leo.

Turtle Power (10 GP)
Perform a TPKO on 100 enemies.

Turtle with Iron Fist (10 GP)
Max out Raph's special weapon rank.

Uncle! (10 GP)
Tapout 25 enemies with Raph.

Wind Walker (10 GP)
Shoulder run off 100 enemies with Leo.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Aus den Schatten

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