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Dead Rising 4: Trophäen/Erfolge

  Xbox one 

$#!&'s Getting Science (30 GP)
Complete Case 3 of the Story.

A Whole New World (5 GP)
Spend your first Skill Point.

All About the Points (50 GP)
Accumulate 1,000,000 points in Multiplayer Mode.

Bareknuckle Boxing (10 GP)
Complete an entire episode without using a weapon.

Building a New You (10 GP)
Spend 25 total Skill Points.

Dead Rising 4 Bild

Busy Day (10 GP)
Complete 3 missions in a single day in Multiplayer Mode.

C-C-C-Combo!! (10 GP)
Get a Hit Streak over 200 then use a Skill Move.

Combat Ready (10 GP)
Unlock 10 Multiplayer mode-only skills.

Craftsman (20 GP)
Obtain all of the Multiplayer Combo Weapon Blueprints.

Door Crasher Special (15 GP)
Complete Case 1 of the Story.

Elementary! (10 GP)
Complete your first Investigation.

Eyes on the Prize (50 GP)
Complete Case 6 of the Story.

Faaantastic! (10 GP)
Take an S-Rank Photograph.

Family Photo (10 GP)
Take a photo of 3 players at the same time in Multiplayer Mode.

Fashionista (20 GP)
Try on 100 different clothing items.

Get to Work (10 GP)
Complete 50 Trials.

Hangry (10 GP)
Complete an entire episode without eating food.

Hey Big Spender (20 GP)
Spend 100,000 Scrap.

Dead Rising 4

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