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Battle Realms: Interview

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Heute hatten wir die Gelegenheit mit Ed del Castillo, dem Producer des Spiels

Battle Realms

, über sein aktulles Spiel zu plaudern. Was er so interessantes zu sagen hatte, erfahrt ihr hier im Chat, welcher mit anderen Redaktionen zusammen geführt wurde.

Rüdiger (PC-Games):

One of the things that will make Battle Realms different from other RTS games is the interactive environment. You once mentioned that a player could for example roll rocks down a hill to crash some enemy buildings. How often do you think will such things happen? Will players really interact with the environment, use it to their advantage or is it more a graphical feature that adds to the atmopsphere more than to gameplay?

Ed Del Castillo:

The inspiration for the game stems from my childhood. Growing up I spent way too much time playing paper RPG´s like Dungeon & Dragons, and way too much time watching bad Kung Fu Movies.

Battle Realms is the result, it´s mostly a fantasy world with Asian influences, but in no way historical or factual. I´m into the 'romance' of Asian martial arts, less into the reality.

I think that there are some ways that you will interact with the environment greatly, and others that will be more of a fun bonus.

Since we are using a 3D engine, we are able to incorporate a number of elements that are readily available in RTS´s.

The effects of height in combat is intrinsic to the tactics of the game so you will always be interacting with the terrain on this level. The effects of terrain itself like rivers and forests. The first time that you get ambushed in a forest, you will understand what I mean.

Other things like boulders are intended as 'extras' fun things to play with that we will flesh out more in the expansion pack and sequels. (should we be so lucky) There are even creatures in the game which will scurry from you when you draw near.

Niels (Krawall):

Combination of RTS with RPG elements and 3D graphics you can also find in Blizzard´s upcoming WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos. Are there any influences ...What is going to put Battle Realms ahead?

Ed Del Castillo:

OK, Warcraft 3 vs. Battle Realms.

First off, there are little to no inspirations drawn from Warcraft 3. I admire what they´ve done with Developer´s Workshop´s characters from Warhammer, and I admire the quality that they insist be in all their games.

Other than that, we are going in completely different directions. We began this telling the people we were going to take RTS back out on to the battlefield, and that we were going to create a living world. Since that time we have never strayed from that vision. We have always known that we were shooting to have more realism in the game and more interesting combat elements. Warcraft has only recently changed it´s trees from pieces of impassable art to trees like ours which you could burn down and go under. We think it is the sincerest form of flattery to have them model their world after things we are doing in ours. It means that we are going in the right direction.

I have some people I know at Blizzard, and they tell me that the look at everything we release to see how we are doing things. That makes me proud.

Battle Realms Bild
Battle Realms Bild

Battle Realms

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