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Brothers in Arms - Road to Hill 30: Interview mit Randy Pitchford

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Bereits auf der Games Convention konnten wir einen kurzen Blick auf den 2. Weltkriegs-Shooter Brothers in Arms werfen. Wir konnten nun Randy Pitchford, den Executive Producer des Spiels, befragen und sprachen mit ihm über zahlreiche Themen.


Hello Randy, Please introduce yourself to our readers and describe your part in the development of Brothers in Arms!

Randy Pitchford: My name is Randy Pitchford and I am the director and executive producer of Brothers in Arms.


"Based on a true story", could you tell us more about the story please?

Randy Pitchford: Brothers in Arms puts you in the boots of a paratrooper for the first, most critical eight days of history`s most important battle - the invasion of Normandy.

When researching the subject, we discovered official US Army After Action reports buried in the US National Archives in Washington, DC.

There are hundreds of pages of documents that describe in great detail the role of each unit.

Brothers in Arms - Road to Hill 30 Bild

In these reports, the historians of the US Army said that "in tactical scope and combat effectiveness" that the soldiers of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (the famous Screaming Eagles) were the "outstanding unit of D-Day in the entire US Army."

These men jumped into enemy territory midnight before the invasion. The mission of the airborne was to destroy Hitler´s Atlantic Wall where it defended the beach invasion, to protect the flanks from vicious counter-attack by the Nazi Panzer divisions and to capture a town called Carentan - the junction point between all of the divided invasion forces.

The unit you command in Brothers in Arms was mis-dropped and scattered. You take on the role of Sgt. Matt Baker. Because of the mis-drops and other twists of fate, Baker and his squad is exceptional in that they become embroiled in all of the airborne objectives.


Does the story follow a linear way, or can the player decide on his own, if he wants to follow a different way at certain points?

Randy Pitchford: The combat - the gameplay - is surprisingly non-linear. You become a squad leader in the actual battlefields (we recreated the real places to the yard). These places provide you with tactical options about fire and manoeuvre. You`re not funnelled down a corridor where you are simply confronted with a series of reaction time tests. Most shooters are simply just reaction time tests - you pick your tool (your weapon) and you have to just be quicker than the enemy. He pops out, and you have to knock him down before his shots make your health reach zero. Some of the better shooters get around this problem by giving you other things to do - keeping you interested with nice things to look at or an interesting physics puzzle or door/key puzzle.

Brothers in Arms - Road to Hill 30 Bild

Brothers in Arms is different. Brothers in Arms actually innovates on the meat of the game - the combat.

Real combat (as we`ve learned from our military consultant, author/historian/airborne ranger Colonel John Antal) is as much a battle of wits as it is a test of skill. The battlefields in real life and in the game are typically not linear - this presents you with a large number of tactical options. You, of course, are a squad leader, so you can command your men to fire or move - to flank or assault the enemy. The Colonel taught us about "The Four F`s" and we put them in the game: You and your team will Find the enemy, you`ll Fix the enemy with Fire, you`ll Flank the enemy, then you Finish them.

Brothers in Arms - Road to Hill 30

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