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Flight of Fancy: Interview

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Wir haben mit den Entwicklern von Flight of Fancy, Gaijin Entertainment, ein kleines Interview geführt. Das Spiel wurde erstmals auf der E3 2004 angekündigt und sieht auf den ersten Screenshots schon umwerfend aus. Wir haben die Entwickler genauer zu dem Gameplay, zur Story und weiteren Dingen befragt, zusätzlich präsentieren wir euch sechs exklusive Screenshots!

GBase: Hi! Please tell us more about Gaijin Entertainment.

GE: Gaijin Entertainment is a dynamically evolving Russian developer, established in 2001. We`re not only engaged in creation of games for various platforms, but we also license our own highly technologically advanced engine Dagor Engine 2.0 to other developers. Besides, we`re actively engaged in research of new, promising technologies that provide our decisions with appeal and urgency in current fast-changing conditions of the IT-market.

Flight of Fancy Bild

GBase: Can you give us a short introduction into the storyline of the game?

GE: Flight of Fancy is a game of a genre of an adventure where all management is constructed on technology motion detection. This technology allows to you refuse the keyboard, joysticks and any other control facility, having taken advantage absolutely anyone web-cam. The world of game is the world fantasy where you get in an appearance of a dragon, casually having glanced in a magic mirror. Due to this mirror being still the person, you appear in the parallel fantastic world. As frequently it happens, in the enchanting universe there are kindly and angrily, various conflicting kingdoms and one main mighty enemy of a society. The player in a skin of the pangolin should support goods and will battle to forces of darkness, having acted against magicians of dark magic and the governor of devil forces. If can help to destroy evil in the fantastic country you not only will rescue the peace population, but also will come back home.

Flight of Fancy Bild

GBase: How does the "Free Flight"-Feature affect the gameplay? Will Flight of Fancy be a kind of a flight-simulator?

GE: Yep, it will be a simulator of flight of a dragon, but with some I shall add an arcade. We try to transfer a maximum of sensations from the present flight, to give the player to feel, that it can fly, as in dream! Playing for the winged pangolin you should fly by many grounds, carrying out set of tasks. In game you will battle to other dragons, to attack locks of forces of evil, and in every possible way to help humanity upon which henchmen of black magic have fallen.

Flight of Fancy

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