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Playboy - The Mansion: Interview

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Passend zum Release der deutschen Version von Playboy: The Mansion haben wir nun ein Interview mit einem der Entwickler des Spiels geführt. Wir sprachen über zahlreiche interessante Themen, ein Blick lohnt sich auf jeden Fall!

GBase: Hello Seth Spaulding, please introduce yourself to our readers and describe your part in the development of Playboy: The Mansion!

Hi, I`m Seth Spaulding, Project Lead and Lead Artist on Playboy: The Mansion

GBase: Which possibilities will the player have in the game?

As the player, you step into the virtual slippers of the world`s most famous bachelor, Hugh Hefner, and just like Hef, you`ll start from scratch building the Playboy empire as you go. Every month, you`ll need to put out a magazine to keep the empire rolling, of course, and to do that, you`ll need content. Content comes from various sources, your staff, your celebrity friends and your Playmates. Getting content requires two things: good, solid relationships and cold, hard cash. The cash to pay your staff comes from the magazine itself. The relationships? Well, that`s up to you. Invite people over to your Mansion for some killer parties and work the room. Get the best and most highly trained staff you can. The stronger your relationships and your staff, the better your content will be. As you progress from first-issue Hef to mid-mission mogul, you`ll be building up your fame and your mansion so that you can throw cooler parties with cooler guests, who give you cooler content... and you can see where this goes. It`s a cycle and a challenging one to maintain.

Playboy - The Mansion Bild

GBase: How long do you estimate the total gaming-time and the longtime-motivation

As with any Life Simulation game, the time spent with the game will vary quite a bit. The player determines when an issue is published and when goals and missions are completed. Because of the user-driven nature of this, a player may choose to take the time to do many photoshoots and publish many magazines within a given mission. While these extra issues may not be necessary to complete the mission, they will in no way hinder the player and in fact should create a cash-cushion if the issues are well-done.
All that said, I our testers were averaging something in the area of 20+ hours to finish the game. It takes me a lot longer because I always get sidetracked trying to put out a perfect issue every month.

GBase: What is the main-difference of "Playboy" compared with games like "Sims" or "Singles"?

The main difference is the goal of the game and how it is played. In Playboy, you are Hugh Hefner building the Playboy Empire. You must publish magazines, gather content for them, throw parties and, in Mission Play, accomplish the goals of the storyline.

I believe the parallel is so easily drawn because there really aren`t a whole lot of popular life simulations out there. At their very base level, all three games have AI characters are walking around to satisfy their goals. Based on that alone, people make the comparison.
The Sims and The Singles are definitely a great games, and the comparison is flattering. However, we took Playboy in a significantly different direction. You have staff to manage, articles to assign, photoshoots to attend and demographics to study, and that`s not even counting the campaign that takes you from first-issue-Hef to international icon.

Playboy - The Mansion Bild

GBase: The focus of the Playboy-magazine are men over 18 years, what about the game?

The game is rated "M" for Mature - so we are hoping to appeal to the same group of people that Playboy magazine does in terms of age. As far as gender goes, there`s a lot here for women too. Cyberlore put a female lead designer on the project shows that they wanted to make this a game that was as playable as it was viewable. Bear in mind that the current CEO of Playboy is a woman and that women account for 17% of its readers. Playboy, in magazine form, is about a lot more than just nude women. Pick up a copy. Check out the excellent articles, interviews and fiction. One needn`t be a heterosexual male to read Playboy - currently our Lead Desinger, Brenda Brathwaite has a Playboy collection that dwarfs mine and in fact any collection I`ve ever seen.
The game has the same appeal. Hef`s life isn`t all about girlfriends and nude women. There´s an empire to build. Goals to accomplish. Staff to manage. A mansion to be built.

Playboy - The Mansion

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