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Battle Realms: Interview

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Rüdiger (PC-Games):

Which games did you play personally recently, which one did you like (and which not) and were you influenced by any other games?

Ed Del Castillo:

I haven´t had a chance to play hardly anything recently but I have tasted some and here are some thoughts.

Advanced Wars on the GBA - excellent. Simple and good.

Vagrant Story for PSX - very good. Too many menus and pace of play to slow, but still very enjoyable.

Max Payne - fun for an hour.

Black and White - lots of little games with no cohesion. I´m supposed to be playing a god, not an errand boy.

Empire Earth Public Beta - lots of stuff to do, seems light on strategy.

That´s about all I´ve touched recently.

Niels (Krawall):

Okay. Ed, visually, Battle Realms looks really good on videos, but really medicore on Screenshots. Why?

Ed Del Castillo:

I think you answered your own question. In our game, we tried to keep everything moving, just like the real world.

Gone are the days of robotic characters.

Screenshots are still, and take 50% of the presentation away. The characters that you are looking at are 200 polygons with tiny textures.

Alexander (GBase):

What was the most difficult part to create Battle Realms?

Ed Del Castillo:

The most difficult part of creating Battle Realms...was creating Liquid Entertainment at the same time. We started with nothing on all fronts. No machines, no desks, no network, no office, no pre-existing engine, no employees.

We had to build everything from scratch becsause non of the engines out there could do what we needed.

Thank God we had an understanding publisher like Crave backing us.

Battle Realms Bild
Battle Realms Bild

Battle Realms

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