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Battle Realms: Interview

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Alexander (GBase):

Is there anything you can say about an addon or Battle Realms2 ?

Ed Del Castillo:

We are in the final stages of signing the deal with Crave and Ubisoft for the expansion pack to Battle Realms (you heard it here first) Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf.

Also, we are in negotiations for the sequel, Battle Realms II.

Wish us luck!

Niels (Krawall):

What does your 'living world' concept do for gameplay?

Ed Del Castillo:

At its core, the 'Living world' concept is an attempt to interconnect the elements of the world in a realistic and natural way such that the player feels more at home in the world. Examples of this are...

Fire: Fire, in our game grows and spreads. If you light something on fire it will burn to the ground and might even catch something else on fire. Fire can be put out by water.

Water: Water is used to put out fired, building buildings, training soldiers, making the rice grow faster, and domesticating horses.

Horses : inhabit the maps and must be gathered and domesticated if you wish to have cavalry. Almost any unit in the game can be mounted, and when mounted they gain a height advantage in combat, a movement advantage, and the horse shields them from certain weapon types.

Training: The peasants must train to become soldiers, with multiple layers of training resulting in diferrent soldier types.

There are more, but hopefully you see that what I´m talking about. We are using real world constructs in a fun way that will be easy to understand, and additive to the gameplay.

Niels (Krawall):

What is the current status of the game and when can we expect it to be released?
And also important: When can we expect a demo of the game to be released?

Ed Del Castillo:

We are working to finish the game by no later than Oct. 31st.

Which would mean that you would see it in the middle of November. (simultanteous world wide release in German, French, English, Italian, and Dutch.)

We are ahead of schedule right now, so you might see it sooner.

The demo will be built in November while the game is being shipped out.

Battle Realms Bild
Battle Realms Bild

Battle Realms

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