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Sword of the Stars II - Lords of Winter: Exklusives Interview mit Martin Cirulis

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What is your main-inspiration for sword of the stars 2?

There are a lot of them as we are all big SF fans, not just in terms of movies but books and comics as well, so it's not too hard to see references to everything from Battlestar Galactica to Perry Rhodan. If I had to narrow that down I would say we were mostly inspired by our love of Space Operas that involve multiple races with very strong characteristics and style, like classic Star Trek or Babylon 5. In terms of game presentation and design, you just can't do any better than a strong background firmly rooted in a mythology that rewards a fan's sense of adventure AND intelligence. It is all too easy to find space games that try so hard to please everyone all the time that it all becomes generic and lifeless.

Sword of the Stars II -  Lords of Winter Bild

Space-themed Games are not as popular as in the 1990's. Where do you see the Space-Genre today and its future?

I see space games today as paying the price for the sins of complacency in the past, and the genre now sits on the cusp of 2 different futures. It's not hard to show that their popularity in the 90's was basically squandered by follow-up games that failed to keep pushing further or bothering to excite fans beyond "Hey look! We are a game! With ships! In space!" This was even more pronounced in Space Strat games where all the energy and daring of the early 90's seemed to fizzle out into either recreating Civ or in becoming endless wave of spread-sheet minutia. Any genre that turns inwards will always shrink and hardly attract any new fans.

The original Sword of the Stars came into being partially because the people on this team ARE space game fans and we wanted to play something that dared to try new things while keeping its feet rooted in what made the genre great. We didn't ask ourselves how we could be like MOO or even Civ, instead what we asked ourselves "If you were making those great games from scratch with today's technology, what would you do?" So we included real combat with 3-D ships that had forms drawn from their function, with turrets and engines you could blow off. We made weapons that worked in a physical, real way. And we made a star map that functioned in 3 dimensions, because strategically, space in not the same as land or even the ocean.

Sword of the Stars II -  Lords of Winter

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