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Sword of the Stars II - Lords of Winter: Exklusives Interview mit Martin Cirulis

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Since SotS came out 5 years ago, it and a few other games have shaken stuff up and gotten some much needed new gamers into the genre to the point where I see things going in one of 2 directions. The first is that the genre continues to shy away from trying to do A-list, modern standard games and slides back into small pet projects that are old time fan pleasers but do little to pull in new gamers or get the genre any real new press. The other path, the one we obviously hope things follow, is that the genre keeps trying to innovate and produce exciting, playable, appealing games. Games that acknowledge science-fiction is fun, but spreadsheets are boring. And of course the hope is that if enough momentum is gained then more players will be drawn back into the fold and the media will follow and who knows? Maybe someday space battle games will once again rule the covers of magazines!

Sword of the Stars II -  Lords of Winter Bild

What are your plans to present the story-line? Will there be pre-rendered cutscenes or ingame-cutscenes?

Not as such. You have to remember that Sword of the Stars 2 is not a mission-driven game like Homeworld where you go through a set storyline and then you are done except for multiplayer skirmish. Instead, at heart, the SotS series are wargames where you play out grand strategic wars in a turn-based fashion with the excitement of resolving battles in real time with fleets of ships. But what makes SotS fairly unique amongst these types of games is that the background is as rich and detailed as a real historical wargame.

So while you will not be getting animated cut scenes and story driven missions, you will be getting rich details on races when you select or encounter them Scenarios will show you parts of the expansive future history we have developed and let you try and change or affirm it for yourself. The SotSverse is an evolving thing where we tell players stories not by locking them in, but instead by scattering clues and information across the sandbox style open strategy wars they are playing. And this sense of a living universe is reinforced by how Kerberos supports its games. Every time we put out and update for a game, along with the improvements, extra features and bug fixes, we also try to add content to let players discover new things and get a feeling for what might be coming in future expansions. For instance, the Zuul, the first race expansion for the original SotS, actual made their first appearance as a new random event put in the game during an early update.

Sword of the Stars II -  Lords of Winter

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