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Sword of the Stars II - Lords of Winter: Exklusives Interview mit Martin Cirulis

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In SotS2 we push this idea of being in and learning about a living universe even further by supplying a built in SotSpedia that will unlock information for players to read about as they encounter new things and events while they play. This same system will allow people to make their own notes alongside these official entries so they can remember key strategies or even trade notes with friends online and gain even more insights.

Sword of the Stars II -  Lords of Winter Bild

Will there be an unit-limit? Why/why not?

There will be a unit limit for battles, but not production. You can build as many ships as you want and use them as reinforcement but there is a practical limit to how many ships can fight in the same battle. And the reason for that is pretty basic. It's because that's how it works in real life. Your army has many divisions of infantry, armor and artillery but they would never ALL show up for the same battle. It would be chaos. There is a very real limit on how many ships a command and control vessel could keep organized in a single battle. Now there are technologies that can expand those limits, but in the end, even in the future, there are limits to warfare and tactics are about getting the most out of those limits.

Will it be possible to "get in the action" and control single ships in the battle? why/why not?

It`s hard to get much more into the action than giving orders to giant starships and watching them bring their guns to bear to the exact part of the enemy hulls you want, but if by action you mean flying the ship in first person view like a flight sim, then the answer would be no. And the reason again, is pretty straightforward. A SotS game is about spending your time as Emperor and Admiral. Coming up with grand strategies and then taking control of fleets in battle to help those strategies be realized at the tactical level. To turn the player into a mere fighter pilot would be a demotion on a grand scale. But more seriously, it would detract from the main the real feel of the game. Flight sims are great but this is a wargame for your mind and wits more than your twitch reflexes.

If you could use another existing space-franchise for one of your games, which one would you choose?

Babylon 5. No doubt about it!

Wing Commander or Tie Fighter? Why?

Hmmm... tough question. I will have say Wing Commander for the story and innovation, but a nod towards the overlooked X-Wing vs Tie Fighter for the awesome multiplayer dog fights it provided gamers long before that sort of thing was common.

Sword of the Stars II -  Lords of Winter

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