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Conquest - Frontier Wars : Cheats

  Personal Computer 

Im Spiel [Enter] drücken und Give the sushi to Sean eingeben um den Cheatmodus zu aktivieren. Danach nochmal [Enter] drücken. Achtung, Gross-/ Kleinschreibung beachten!
A winner is you!Win Mission
I am evil HomerLose Mission
spacebridgeUnlock Missions
The Master BuildersFast Build
Your chicks for freeDisable Building Costs
The Ultimate DoomDestroy Player
If they could see me nowRemove Fog of War
I`ll rip out your opticsNormal Fog of War
I can see clearly nowClears Fog of Discovery
I want a raiseGives Ore
Do you smell something?Gives Gas
The courage of the fearless crewGives Crew
Some Great RewardMax Out Resources

Conquest - Frontier Wars

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