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Def Jam - Fight for NY - The Takeover: Cheats

  Playstation Portable 

Geht in das "Extras" Menü und gebt die folgenden Codes ein, um die entsprechenden Songs für das Spiel freuzuschalten:

PLATINUMB - Get it Now by Bless
GHOSTSHELL - Koto by Chiang
GONBETRUBL - Lil Bro by Ric-A-Che
LOYALTY - After Hours by Nyne
MILITAIN - Anything Goes by C-N-N
BIGBOI - Bust by Outkast
CHOPPER - Blindside by Baxter
CHOCOCITY - Comp by Comp
AKIRA - Dragon House by Chiang
KIRKJONES - Man Up by Sticky Fingaz
RESPECT - Move! by Public Enemy
POWER - Original Gangster by Ice T
ULTRAMAG - Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MC´s

Def Jam - Fight for NY - The Takeover

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