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Lumines: Spieletipps/Tricks

  Playstation Portable 

Unlockable: Characters

Character 23: In Time Attack 60, acquire 50 deletes
Character 24: In Time Attack 180, acquire 150 deletes
Character 25: In Time Attack 300, acquire 250 deletes
Character 38: In Time Attack 600, acquire 500 deletes
Character 39: Beat level 1 in versus the CPU
Character 40: Beat level 2 in versus the CPU
Character 41: Beat level 3 in versus the CPU
Character 42: Beat level 4 in versus the CPU
Character 43: Beat level 5 in versus the CPU
Character 44: Beat level 6 in versus the CPU
Character 45: Beat level 7 in versus the CPU
Character 46: Beat level 8 in versus the CPU
Character 47: Beat level 9 in versus the CPU
Character 48: Beat level 10 in versus the CPU

Unlockable: Skins
45 Degrees: Finish all the normal puzzles in Puzzle Mode.
Aback: Reach level 40 in Challenge Mode.
Auto Mobile Industry: Complete level 2 versus the CPU.
Big Elpaso: Reach level 70 in Challenge Mode.
Brash: Complete level 8 versus the CPU.
Chinese restaurant: Complete level 9 versus the CPU.
Da-Di-Do: Reach level 52 in Challenge Mode
Dark side beside the river: Complete level 36 in Challenge Mode
Fly Into The Sky: Reach level 95 in Challenge Mode
Get up and go: Reach level 90 in Challenge Mode
Holiday In Summer: Reach level 60 in Challenge Mode
I hear the music in my Soul: Reach level 32 in Challenge Mode
Japanese Form: Complete level 1 in VS. CPU
Just: Reach level 28 in Challenge Mode
Lights: Reach level 100 in Challenge Mode
Meguro: Reach level 80 in Challenge Mode
Mekong: Complete level 5 in VS. CPU
Moon beam: Complete level 10 in VS. CPU
Morning Beats: Unlocked by 20 hours of play time
My Generation: Reach level 75 in Challenge Mode
Please return my CD: Complete level 3 in VS. CPU
Prime factor: Complete all x2 puzzles in Puzzle Mode
Rodent: 10 hours of play time
Round About: Reach level 8 in Challenge Mode
Shake Ya Body: Reach level 16 in Challenge Mode
Sister Walk: Reach level 48 in Challenge Mode
Slipping: Reach level 12 in Challenge Mode
Spirits: Reach level 85 in Challenge Mode
Square Dance: Reach level 20 in Challenge Mode
Strangers: Reach level 56 in Challenge Mode
Take A Dog Out A Walk: Reach level 65 in Challenge Mode
Talk 2 You: Reach level 24 in Challenge Mode
The bird singing in the night: Complete level 4 in VS. CPU
The Spy Loves Me: Reach level 7 in VS. CPU
Tin Toy: clear versus the CPU
Urbanization: Reach level 4 in Challenge Mode
Water, Flower & Lights: finish with 999,999 in Challenge Mode
Whoop-De-Do: Beat level 6 in VS. CPU
Working In The Hole: Reach level 44 in Challenge Mode


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