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Halo 2: Interview auf der Games Convention 2004


Während der diesjährigen Games Convention konnten wir mit Bungie über Halo 2 sprechen. Mitten unter zehn weiteren wissbegierigen Journalisten aus aller Welt, schalteten wir unser Aufnahmegerät an und hörten gespannt was uns neues verraten wird.

Journalist question

What is Bungie doing right now, just a few weeks before the release?


What we are doing right now is spending all of our time playing and polishing a lot, fixing bugs, just making sure it will be a really good game.

How do you decide wether it´s a gameplay bug, how do you fix it?

Bugs can be something as a extreme the game to crash, or I don?t like how this looks or his behavior, this needs a lot of skills from the entire team to decide which ones are the most important inside of the own discipline or effect other ones. The beta-version has been a good example for that. We have been able to play with 8?000 beta-gamer and observe them. We have the ability to upload all kind of stuff, we are able to look exactly what people are doing. Not only to discover what we have to fix, but also how people are playing the game. So we can look at this data and their feedback, in order to improve the game.

Halo 2 Bild

What are the biggest changes from Halo to Halo 2?

The biggest change is the story we want to tell. It really has a great story. Halo 2 will also be playable on Xbox Live, which is pretty good. Visually the game has better sound, it?s significantly better.

How did you optimize the sound?

It really changes the gameplay. When you are moving alone, you can actually hear not only the gun being fired, but the bullet whistling by your head and impacting in the wall behind you. In a first-person shooter you want to create situational awareness and sound is a way of doing that. We see people doing a lot of thing, getting in a fire-fight, in a ambush, seeking cover, so it?s been cool how it really affects the game. Every team has really done a great job, composer and audio directors, doing a lot of sound.

Halo 2

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